Are Processed Foods Bad For You?

Are processed foods bad for you? This is a question I receive from time to time. Many feel processed foods are "evil" and should be avoided like the plague.

Is this thinking true? You just might be surprised with the answer. Click the video above now to discover exactly what you need to know about processed foods versus clean eating. You don't want to miss it!

Foods we eat are part of a spectrum. Below are the specific categories in which foods fit:

  1. Unprocessed or unrefined foods
  2. Processed foods
  3. Processed culinary ingredients
  4. Ultra processed of heavily refined foods

Processed vs. Unprocessed Foods (good vs evil)

Processed Foods Bad For You

Processed Foods Bad For You

Unfortunately, most individuals feel if they are not eating unprocessed foods, then they have gone off the rails and failing. Some even call themselves bad. It is important to understand food is not "good" or "bad", it's just food. All or nothing thinking or mindset can get folks into big trouble because they feel they are failing miserably if one single processed food enters their mouth.

In the video below, I tackle why we shouldn't take an all versus nothing mentality when it comes to eating. After watching the video above you will understand more about the place processed foods can possibly have in healthy human diet.

Are processed foods bad for you? It depends how much, with what frequency, and how often you eat them. In the video above,  I explain the important things you need to know. Click the play button above to empower yourself with exactly what must be know about eating processed versus unprocessed foods. The added knowledge will help put things in proper perspective. Enjoy the video!

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