Best Way To Lose Weight From Stomach

how to maintain your weight after 40Putting on a pair of jeans you used to wear that won’t button up is one of the most unpleasant feelings you can possibly experience. We have all been there.  Instant bad mood! After frustration sets in you begin wondering what happened. How did this extra fat magically appear? What is the best way to lose weight from your stomach?

In order to guide you in the correct direction to answer this all important question it is important to first be clear on a few very critical points. First off, one doesn’t lose fat from a stomach. The stomach is an organ. However, one does lose weight from the abdominal area underneath the skin in front of the stomach.

Secondly, it is physiologically not possible to spot reduce. That means by doing a certain exercise targeting the abdominal muscles doesn’t mean fat will instantly melt away just from that particular area. Sorry Ab Roller infomercial! Your marketing message has misled way too many people. When fat is lost it comes off from all throughout your entire body.  Please know that exercise isn’t the best, most effective strategy for losing fat from your abdominal area anyway.

So What Does Science Say Works To Shrink Your Waistline?

No, exercise isn’t the best way to lose weight from your stomach abdominal area. Please understand it is not efficient nor very effective to attempt to out-exercise a belly you are not proud of.  How long would you have to run in order to burn off the calories found in two slices of peperoni pizza? More than an hour! Would you like to spend half the day running?

The most important thing you must do is structure your nutrition program so you are in a caloric deficit day after day after day. Consistency, adherence and sustainability are key!  It is much easier eliminating  highly caloric foods than it is running for many hours each day trying to burn all those calories off. However, exercise can play a secondary roll in the best way to lose weight from the stomach (abdominal area – belly). The primary driver, or course, is sound nutritional habits leading to a consistent caloric deficit.

3 Tips To Help Lose Belly Fat

Next I would like to share three important action items, or strategies you can implement immediately to easily trick your brain into a caloric deficit. Remember, your brain drives the entire process. Seriously!  This is rarely talked about.

  1. Eat protein at every single meal. Begin shifting your macronutrient ratios to the habit of increasing protein, and decreasing carbohydrates. Why? Protein tricks the body into eating less over the day because it has a higher satiety effect. In other words, you are full longer from eating protein. Another benefit of protein is it takes more energy to break down, and digest protein versus carbs, and fats.
  2. Pay greater attention to weight and eating by controlling your food environment. Please make your healthy nutrition a priority. You, and your health are worth it! Strategically plan your meals in advance focusing on a majority of your plate being protein, vegetables, and fruits. A hungry person without a plan, or preparation usually stops at a drive-thru on their way home from work at 6 pm. Also, develop a habit of eating your food slowly. You will soon notice you are eating less.
  3. Incorporate strength training into your plan.  Yes, the best way to lose weight from your stomach is to be in a consistent caloric deficit. However, exercise can help to increase your results by burning more calories. Strength training helps preserve metabolically active (calorie burning) muscle during a caloric deficit. One wants to limit the amount of muscle protein that is consumed for energy while reducing calories.  It is a win-win for your metabolism, strength, and appearance.

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