Can Vitamin D Combat Covid?

 Can Vitamin D Combat Covid 19?

I'm sure by now you have heard rumblings of vitamin D possibly helping with the prevention and symptoms of Covid 19.

Throughout the pandemic the U.S. press has touted this. However, is it really true? Is this statement based on cause and effect scientific evidence?

In the video above, I tackle this question. Also, what if a person takes too much vitamin D? It is dangerous?

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Vitamin D For Covid-19? A Magic Solution?

Vitamin D and Covid 19

Vitamin D and Covid 19

Problems occur when unsubstantiated information comes out about nutrition. It spreads rapidly from person to person and usually morphs into lots of fiction.

When it comes to Vitamin D and Covid 19 many feel if taking a D supplement is helpful, then taking a whole lot  more will be even better. This can lead to a big mistake with serious health consequences.

Watch the video above to discover the optimal amount of Vitamin D a person should be taking.

Do you even need to take vitamin D to combat Covid? Allow the scientific evidence to lead us in the proper direction.

Click the video above to discover what you need to know, right now, about vitamin D and Covid-19.

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