Exercises To Lose Belly Fat For Women

exercises to lose belly fat for women

Frustration! I get it! You dig into your closet, pull out your favorite pair of jeans only to shockingly discover you can’t button them. Damn it! Isn’t that the worst feeling in the world? The automatic bad mood button is pressed for the rest of the day as you ferociously declare you will get this weight off quickly! You’re not standing for it! Almost every single women at least once in their life has had this ugly feeling. The first thing that comes to mind is quickly finding exercises to lose belly fat for women. Surely, there are specific exercises which quickly and easily melt away belly fat. At least that is what we have been led to believe.

BEWARE: Now The Sad Truth of Fat Loss

Unfortunately, the belly fat loss consumer has been misled over the years by misinformation spewed from the media, and certain product marketing leading us to believe we can crunch our way to a trim, and sexy belly. Please understand it is physiologically impossible to target one area via a certain exercise like crunches, and guarantee fat quickly melts away from that specific area. Sorry, but I want to lead you in the right direction to get rid of that horrible feeling of not being able to squeeze into your favorite jeans, or dress. It is my responsibility as a professional strength and conditioning coach to do so.

Can exercises to lose belly fat for women really work? Yes, via burning calories. However, fat loss will come off throughout your entire body instead of from one specific targeted area. No, you can’t spot reduce! Please don’t fall for this sabotaging myth! Also note, exercises to lose belly fat for women is not the most effective way to lose weight. Scientific evidence shows exercise is much more effective in keeping your fat loss off versus taking it off.

Ladies – Here is What Really Works to Lose Belly Fat…

Don’t worry! Keep reading! You have hope. Science shows us exercise is not the most effective tummy fat loss method. What works is manipulating your nutrition plan. That works a whole lot better than exercising your way to a beautiful waistline. Now I’m not saying starve yourself to a slim waist. Rather make slight, but consistent dietary modifications to elicit a caloric deficit.  Eating less calories than you have been, day after day, is the most effective way to a sexy waistline.

Exercise can come into play by helping increase caloric expenditure, but sound consistent nutrition drives the entire process. When I mention exercise I’m not referring to doing 1000 crunches, but overall body exercises which can burn the greatest amount of calories creating a bigger caloric deficit.  Consider cardiovascular exercise which you enjoy such as power walking, swimming, or even biking. Think burn more calories to help your caloric deficit!

Strength training is helpful in maintaining metabolically active (calorie burning) muscle tissue while in a negative caloric balance. Therefore, I always recommend ladies incorporate consistent resistance training in a weight loss program. However, remember, strength training is not performed for the reason of melting fat off in a certain area of your body! As mentioned above, it physiologically doesn’t work that way!

The 7 Most Effective Things Women Can Do To Get Rid Of Belly Fat Forever

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