How Much Protein Per Day To Lose Weight

Have you ever wondered how much protein per day to lose weight? In order to answer this simple question I went directly to the body of scientific evidence, and reveal it in a simple formula in the video above. In order to get your specific protein number, in grams, carefully watch the video above right now.

So why is it so important to eat protein for weight loss? As mentioned in this previous post, protein diet for weight loss, I reveal the top three reasons.

Why Increase Protein for Fat Loss?

1. Keeps you full longer. Protein is shown to have a greater satiety effect versus carbs, and fats. Being full longer means eating less calories throughout the day.

2. Helps maintain metabolically active muscle tissue during a caloric deficit. Preventing muscle loss during a calorie reduction diet is a great idea not only to keep your metabolism booming, but also to maintain muscle strength, and function.

3. It takes more energy to digest protein. Protein has a greater thermic effect of feeding. This means it takes a greater amount of calories to digest protein versus carbs, and fats.

Therefore, I rest my case! Yes, it is important for a weight loss enthusiast to be eating more protein. However, how much protein per day for fat loss? That is the big question I tackle in the video above. Carefully watch the short video now to discover exactly how much protein you should be consuming per day if weight loss is your ultimate goal.

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