Intermittent Fasting For Fat Loss

By now you most likely have heard about the powers of intermittent fasting. Some people swear by it. Other couldn’t imagine not eating for more than 5 hours.  Does fasting (IF) possess some type of magic when it comes to weight loss, and health benefits? Some experts thing so. However, is it for you?  Should you be implementing this type of nutrition plan? It depends. Seriously, it really depends!

In order to get clear on what intermittent fasting is, and if you should utilize it to lose fat please watch the video below. The information in the video will empower you with knowledge 99% of people don’t know.

Don’t even think about implementing IF until you see this video. Perhaps it is not for you. Perhaps it is the best thing for you. The video below reveals exactly what you must know.

Too many individuals jump into a nutrition plan for weight loss just on the advice of a friend, family members, or even an acquaintance. Taking action without getting evidence based information usually short circuits results leading to disappointment, and ultimate frustration.

No worries!  Coach Jim O’Connor, and Wellness WORD are here to squash the myths, and reveal the truth. Here is what you really need to know about intermittent fasting.  Watch the video below to discover the important details.

Are you metabolically flexible, or inflexible?  Watch now to get the answer.  I hope flexible!

Share your intermittent fasting stories below. Did it work for you? Was it difficult? Is it a waste of time? Your experiences will benefit all.