New Secrets To Weight Loss Success Discovered

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Scientists Just Discovered New Secrets To Weight Loss Success

Why do some people gain weight so easily while others add pounds just by looking at food? Then, when a person loses weight, why do some people easily keep it off while the scale creeps back up again for others?

Imagine if you could determine a person's weight loss fate prior to even starting a new fat loss regimen.

Stanford researchers recently discovered three biomarkers that help to determine if a person loses weight or not. Also, the biomarkers will determine if they keep it off or not. Powerful information. This is known as the new secret to weight loss success.

Here are the 3 biomarkers that can predict an individual's ability to lose weight and maintain weight loss long-term.

secrets to weight loss success

secrets to weight loss success

  • Gut microbiome
  • Protein's made by humans
  • Levels of CO2 exhaled

The study was published on December 13 in the Journal of Cell Reports Medicine. There were 609 subjects. The results showed the biomarkers gave an indication of who will lose the most weight, and who will keep it off.

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