Proper Hydration For Health May Slow Down Aging

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Does Proper Hydration Really Slow Down The Aging Process?

Around 50% of individuals throughout the world are walking around in a state of dehydration. Not being properly hydrated will not only come with potential health consequences but possibly accelerate aging. A recent study published in E Bio Medicine showed that proper hydration for health may slow down aging.

The published hydration study of 11,255 adults over 30 years showed proper hydration may slow down the aging process and prevent or delay chronic disease.

Sodium levels in the blood were studied closely. As water consumption decreased sodium levels in the blood increased. Higher sodium levels were related to negative health consequences.

Why Should You Hydrate Properly?

proper hydration for health may slow down aging

proper hydration for health may slow down aging

Proper hydration does many things in order to help the body perform at an optimal level.

  • regulate body temperature
  • keep joints lubricated
  • prevent infection
  • deliver nutrients to cells
  • keep organs functioning properly

As you can see, proper hydration does wonders for your body physically and may even slow down the aging process, according to the published hydration study,

How Much Water Should You Drink To Be Properly Hydrated?

The National Academy of Medicine suggests that proper, "optimal" hydration looks like the following:

Women 6-9 cups/day (1.5 - 2.2 l/day)
Men 8-12 cups/day (2-3L/day)

How do you get yourself to consistently drink enough water to be considered properly hydrated? I always recommend filling a water bottle with your fluid goal for the day, keep it close by, and strive to slowly consume the contents over the course of the day.

Watch the important video above to discover more about proper hydration for health may slow down aging. It could be a game-changer in your life!

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