The Best Way To Lose Weight Fast

best way to lose weight fast

Let’s face it, a majority of us desperately want to know the best way to lose weight fast, and then keep it off forever. The problem is that just doesn’t happen. Humans are pretty decent at losing fat, but horrible at keeping it off forever. We are all in this together! Current data from the National Center of Health Statistics shows a 30% increase in adult obesity, and a 33% increase in youth obesity since 1990-2000. That’s not great news! Therefore, you are not alone.

Prior to starting your weight loss program you need to set yourself up for success. That is key! Without understanding a few basic scientifically backed concepts you will not be very successful in your fat loss quest. Therefore, before I share with you the best way to lose weight fast, I must first educate you so success is likely.

Setting You Up For Fat Loss Success!

Please understand the faster you lose weight the quicker it most likely comes back. My statement is not trying to completely discourage you from losing fast, but putting things in perspective so you know what to expect. Losing weight fast when you implement a substantial caloric deficit for days to weeks can cause a metabolic adaptation which primes your body to physiologically gain it back quickly once you stop your caloric deficit. A significant caloric deficit is very disruptive to your physiology, and is almost impossible to maintain for the long haul.

Now the good news! Yes, you can still lose weight fast, but keeping that permanent fat loss will be a significant challenge. That is keeping things in perspective. The best way to lose weight is to do it slowly with a minimal physiological disturbance leading to a minimal metabolic adaptation.  I fully explain this in my 100% FREE REPORT – Fat Loss Forever – The Top 7 Ways to Prime Your Brain for Permanent Fat loss. You can get 100% FREE ACCESS to this cutting edge report by filling out the box below.

I fully realize you are reading this article because you want to lose fat fast! Therefore, I’m going to provide you with a few simple tips in order for that to happen.

5 Keys To Lose Weight Fast

  1. You must be in a caloric deficit of 500+ calories per day. This means you have to be expending at least 500 calories less than you normally do daily for up to 7 days straight in order to lose around 1 lb of fat. The greater the deficit the harder it be to sustain, but the more weight you can shed fast.
  2. Your nutritional diet will only consist of protein, vegetables, and some fruit.  Protein-  Examples – chicken, fish, lean beef, eggs, and turkey. Vegetables – Any vegetable especially green fiberous ones. Fruit – Limit to one, or two pieces a day only. Therefore, your plate with look like a palm size portion of protein,  and a fist size serving of vegetables. Men can have slightly more.
  3. Consume only water!   Work up to 1/2 your body weight in ounces.  Drink early, and often.
  4. Physical activity on most days for 30+ minutes. Your goal is to expend calories to help with put you in more of a deficit. This may include power walks, weight training, biking, or swimming. Any physical activity in which you elevate your heart rate consistently for up to 30 minutes.
  5. Be consistent with all of the above, day after day after day until you reach your goal.

Like I mentioned earlier, this is not the best way to lose fat long term, and keep it off forever. However, it is the best way to lose weight fast. The fact that it is not sustainable will hurt your chances of keeping that weight loss off forever.

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