What Are The Signs Of Food Addiction?

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Food Addiction Is On The Rise

Food manufacturers design foods so they are palatable; thus, getting people to eat more for healthy corporate profit. We have evolved to seek pleasurable foods.

Highly palatable foods get people to eat more which causes food addiction for some. As a matter of fact, food addiction is seen in over 10% of the population worldwide, and it's growing globally.

4 Signs Of Food Addiction

Do you have a food addiction? Here are 4 signs to help you determine so.

  1. Escalating consumption of food- constantly eating more in order to get a high from food.
  2. Mental preoccupation with food - constantly thinking about food and what you're going to eat later. This behavior interferes with work and relationships. It's an obsession with food.
  3. Neglect negative consequences - food addiction is ignoring the negative consequences associated with eating too much on consistent bases. Health challenges and personal appearances take a back seat to the pleasure of eating.
  4. Withdrawal side effects - A person addicted to food will withdraw when not eating to get that pleasurable fix.

What Are The Causes Of Food Addiction?

what are the signs of food addiction?

What are the signs of food addiction?

Food addiction is associated with a number of biological, social, environmental, and psychological factors. A food addiction diagnosis can be tricky.

Food Addiction Help

After watching the video above and it appears you may have a food addiction, then here is what you should do:

  • Become aware of the triggers that prompt you to overeat
  • Focus on how food makes you feel
  • Build self-care tools
  • Seek food addiction therapy

For even more information about food addiction carefully watch the video above now!

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