Are Organic Foods Ripping Us Off?

I’m sure by now you have noticed just about every isle in your grocery store has organic foods being offered. It seems that half of the store has packages stating USDA ORGANIC. Some stores even have different colored price signs for only organic products. Are organic foods ripping us off?

Is this all about the food manufacturers just wanting to “protect your health?” Or, is this movement more about profiting? Click start to watch the video above for more important details on this topic.

When consumers see USDA Organic labels some feel it is worth paying a lot of extra hard earned money because they feel it is better for their health. Paying extra to buy, and eat the “health food” seems worth it to many. This particular thinking may lead to weight gain, a much lighter wallet, and huge profits for food manufacturers, as well as retailers. Are organic foods ripping us off?

Is the organic foods push more about profiting? Perhaps! Watch the video above for more on this controversial topic.
What does science say about organic foods? Is it really much healthier for you? Does eating conventional foods harm your health long term? These are some of the big questions I answer in the video above. Therefore, don’t miss out! Simply watch the short video above to discover if organic foods are ripping us off.

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