Best Exercise To Lose Weight For Ladies Over 40

Ladies, when it comes to successful fat loss let’s get crystal clear on one extremely important concept. The most effective, and efficient way to lose weight is unfortunately not exercise. In other words, it is very difficult, and next to impossible to exercise your way to slimmer hips. Proper, consistent nutrition which leaves you in a caloric deficit is the key – day after day! However, the best exercise to lose weight for ladies does exist in a complimentary fashion to a regular caloric deficit eating plan.

Most ladies feel it is possible to do a particular exercise movement, and fat will magically melt off from that targeted area. Sorry, but this is not physiologically true. Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t exercise for fat loss, but please know it plays a secondary role to the key of being in a consistent caloric deficit.

What is the Best Exercise To Lose Weight For Ladies?

Strength training! Yes, resistance training, and not cardiovascular workouts. Why you may ask? While in a caloric deficit your body will not only oxidize fatty acids, but also breakdown value metabolically active muscle tissue. You may lose 50% fat, and 50% muscle. Losing muscle isn’t good because it decreases overall metabolism, shape, and strength.

By adding strength training to your fat loss program you will help preserve valuable metabolically active muscle tissue which keeps the metabolism elevated, and improves body shape. Your goal should be to have the least amount of muscle protein breakdown possible while in a fat burning caloric deficit.

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