Best Way To Lose Fat Fast Without Exercise

Ok. I get it! You want to lose fat fast, and really don’t want to exercise. Let me preface that with I strongly recommend you add physical activity into your weight loss program. However, please understand it is not mandatory for losing fat fast. Actually, the best way to lose fat fast without exercise is to not believe you can out-exercise your unwanted body fat.

Even though I feel exercise is important for the sake of the physiological adaptations, and maintaining muscle during a calorie deficit, I must state that physical activity is not the best method for losing fat. Being in a long term caloric deficit is much more effective at stripping body fat. The scientific literature states that exercise is best at keeping the fat lost off.

So there! Even though I recommend exercise, you don’t have to do it in order to enjoy weight loss results. It is not as effective as being in a negative caloric balance – the #1 best way to lose weight.

The Best Way to Lose Fat Fast is by Keeping Things Simple

In today’s overly complicated weight loss market where you have hundreds of choices it can lead to confusion, and not taking action on any plan. Therefore, I’m here to make things simple for you! Simple is best because it is something you can adhere to, and sustain. It works!

Click the PLAY BUTTON on the video above to discover a newer simpler approach to losing weight fast. Yes, even without exercise.

The principles are based on tricking your body to staying full so you won’t want to eat, and also increasing your thermic effect of feeding. It is that simple. In the video above I list THREE (3) simple things you can do leading to the best way to lose fat fast without exercise.

Don’t wait! Click PLAY now to start the video! Then follow the advice to enjoy a simpler more straight forward approach of losing fat fast.

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