Does Early Time Restricted Eating Help Weight Loss?

 Discover If Early Time Restricted Eating Helps Weight Loss?

Time restricted feeding is a method of intermittent fasting that many people are turning to in order to lose weight.

In the video above the validity of this dietary approach is examined. Does it really work? How do you do it? What does the science actually say? Click the start button on the video now to discover exactly what you need to know about Early Time Restricted Feeding (eTRF).

As with any weight loss nutrition plan being in a caloric deficit is critical. Studies show that Time Restricted Eating can help a person get into this weight loss caloric deficit. However, is it sustainable?

does early time restricted eating help weight loss?

Does early time restricted eating help weight loss?

Inside the video, a recent study published in JAMA (August 8, 2022) is shared comparing an early 8 hour feeding window versus a later 12 hour window. One of the questions answered in the study is: does early time restricted eating help weight loss? In order words, if a person doesn't eat after 3 pm will that result in losing weight? If a person eats after 6 pm does that mean they won't see weight loss?

Ninety subjects were followed for 14 weeks. The average age of the subjects was 43 with 80% being female. Each group was encouraged to cut calories by 500 per day and follow an exercise plan.

Does eating in only an 8 hour window promote weight loss versus a 12 hour window? What about blood markers? All of this is covered in the video above. Therefore, don't miss out! Watch now to get the information you really need to know to help you look better, feel better, and perform better.

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