Hormones In Your Weight Loss Plan

You probably think of just calories as the culprit to gaining fat. Please understand there are a whole lot of chemical reactions that occur in your body during a weight loss plan. Hormones are at work either helping fatten you up, or alternatively, melting it away.

It is very important to understand the main hormones when it comes to controlling your weight. Yes, after understanding what these hormones do, you can do certain things to maximize the response for fat loss acceleration. Don’t just think about calories. Certain macronutrient can even change the hormonal response. If a weight loss plan is your goal, then please consider the hormonal response to fat loss.

So what are the hormones you need to know?

1. Insulin

2. Adiponectin

3. Ghrelin

4. Leptin

5. Cortisol

What are they? How do they work? What should you do to help with your weight loss regimen? How can they help you lose fat?

These and many more questions are answered in the video below. Watch it so you can get an inside advantage into maximizing fat loss.

These 5 Hormones Can Destroy Your Weight Loss Plan