How To Lose Belly Fat For Men Over 40

Working as a Strength and Conditioning Coach/fitness trainer, and being over 40, I get it! One day you wake up, look in the mirror, and see a damn big gut. How in the hell did this happen? You were fit, and trim in your 20’s, and 30’s. It seemed like you could burn off whatever you ate back then.  Now all of a sudden you hit 40, and fat seems to accumulate quicker. You are not alone! A majority of the men I consult with ask how to lose belly fat for men over 40. Therefore, I’m here to empower you with a few experienced words of wisdom.

Men Wanting To Lose Fat Over 40 Are Often Confused/Misled

Misinformation swirling around the weight loss, and fitness industry tends to misled innocent men who desperately want to discover how to lose belly fat fast. One friend says start walking daily while another friend says low carb is the way to go. Then you come across something that says intermittent fasting will strip belly fat fast only to watch the ab roller infomercial at night telling you it is possible to crunch away your gut in 30 days. Confusion! Don’t fall for all of this! Follow the principles which are scientifically shown to work.

3 Evidence Based Principles For Belly Fat loss over 40

So what works? Coach Jim is here to clear up some confusion leading you in the proper direction.

  1. Don’t try to exercise off your belly.  Please understand that thousands of crunches will not lead to thin stud-like abs. First off, you can’t spot reduce. As a matter of fact, exercise is not the most effective way to reduce body fat. Research shows exercise is most effective in helping keep your fat loss off by increasing calorie expenditure.  Before you say to hell with exercise be aware that it will help create a calorie deficient in order assist a bit with weight loss. However, exercise is not the most effective way to melt away 40 year old belly fat fast.
  2. What you eat (nutrition) consistently is 85% of how to lose belly fat for men over 40. Proper nutritional habits will do a better job of helping you reach your 20 year old belly again, not exercise. I recommend focusing on one new habit at a time. An example would be to start by eating slower at each meal. Once you master that habit, then work on another one. The next habit might be to replace regular soda with water, or diet soda. Look for ways to be in a caloric deficit consistently – day after day. Find the best nutrition diet plan that works for your lifestyle. They all work temporarily by tricking you into eating less. However, is the plan something you can maintain for an extended period of time? If not, look for another approach. They all work temporarily! Adherence is  key.
  3. Eat Protein and Fiber at every meal. One quick, but super powerful tip you can implement today is add protein and fiber at each meal. What will this do? Two magical things. Keep you full longer so you won’t want to eat as much later. This will trick you into eating less throughout the day without even knowing it. It works! The other trick protein and fiber does is force your body burn more calories to digest it. Bingo!

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