How To Prevent Weight Regain

 How to Prevent Weight Regain After Losing It

Let's face it, humans are pretty good at losing weight, but not great at keeping it off long term. Many people work extremely hard taking off unwanted pounds only to see it way too quickly creep back on again.

In the video above I list three main reasons why this happens and provide you with five simple things you can do on how to prevent weight regain from happening altogether.

So why does this happen? It comes down to 3 main reasons:

  1. Going on a too restrictive diet program with many rule
  2. Metabolic Adaptation
  3. Falling back into old "bad habits"

In the how to prevent weight regain video above I explain each of these in detail. Simply click the start button to discover more.

What can you do to prevent unwanted body fat from coming back again? In other words, how do you limit the metabolic adaptation?

5 Ways To Limit Metabolic Adaptation

How To Prevent Weight Regain

How To Prevent Weight Regain

  1. Eat enough protein in your nutrition plan
  2. Incorporate strength training
  3. Don't try to out-exercise what you are eating
  4. Slow and steady fat loss wins the race
  5. Build new automatic positive habits

Click the start button on the video above to discover more. I go into detail on each of these 5 metabolic adaptation limiters in the how to prevent weight regain video above.

I know the information in the video will help you. Therefore, watch the video, enjoy, implement, and share it with others.

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