Is The KETO Diet Dangerous To Your Health?

A recent radio news headline the other day really got my attention!The KETO Diet risks may out weight its benefit. Is the Ketogenic Diet dangerous to your health if you follow it for an extended period of time?

The news headline was a reaction to a new Keto study published in Frontiers in Nutrition (July 16, 2021). The study examines if the Ketogenic Diet benefits out weight the risk when following the weight loss program long term.

Should you follow the KETOGENIC nutritional program or pass on it? All of this and more are discussed in the video above. Simply click start to acquire this important weight loss information.

It seem like Keto is being promoted everywhere. Recently, I noticed a section in Costco marketing dozens to these particular foods. Do we know enough about the long term risks to following this regimen? Watch the video above to understand more.

Inside the video I discuss two particular groups of people who would greatly benefit from avoiding this fat loss plan. The study mentions both groups and explains the reasons why.

Before you begin the Keto diet or continue to follow it please make sure you see the video above first. The latest research is discussed which will help lead you in the proper direction.

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