The Ketogenic Diet Weight Loss Plan Doesn’t Work

The Ketogenic Diet weight loss plan is all the rage these days! Just about everyone says go Keto to lose weight. Heck, even athletes are going Keto. There is only one problem. It doesn’t work – long term unless you stay in ketosis your entire life.

Are you willing to significantly change your lifestyle in order to be in ketosis your entire life? That’s one tall order living in our food environment today.

Maybe some individuals have the drive to eat mainly protein, and high fat foods with less than 50 grams of carbs each day, day after day. I’m quite certain many people have the discipline to follow a Ketogenic Diet for a few weeks. Years? I won’t bet on that.

Does a Ketogenic Diet weight loss plan work to melt away body fat. Absolutely, yes! However, it won’t work long term unless you stay in ketosis. Are you willing to live in ketosis forever? Only you can answer that. Doing so will take extreme discipline, focus, and maximum control over your personal food environment.

Should you go Keto? Well, if successful short term weight loss is what you are after, then a Ketogenic plan is one viable option.

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