Protein Powder Nitrogen Spiking

A big trend today in the fat loss diet industry is to eat more protein, and less carbohydrates in order to lose fat. Doing so has shown to be an effective strategy for weight loss. Is it easy to bump up the protein in your diet? Not always. Yes, you can get enough protein from meat, fish, poultry, eggs, and diary products if you strategically plan ahead. However, many fat loss, and fitness enthusiasts rely heavily on different protein powders in order to supplement their diet in fear of not getting enough of the muscle building, fat melting macronutrient.

Some individuals consume protein powers because they feel by drinking them daily it will help them lose weight. Others, especially people who strength train, have a difficult time getting enough protein to ignite muscle protein synthesis. Therefore, protein supplements are used for convenience. In order to get 30 grams of protein to turn on muscle protein synthesis it is a lot easier to quickly shake, and drink instead of preparing meals, and storing them in Tupperware.

You Are Getting Ripped Off And Don’t Even Know About It!

I am sad to report that half of the protein powder seen on shelves today has a lot less “real protein” than what the label suggests. Yes, you are being lied to! Yes, you are being manipulated! Yes, you are not really getting what you think you are paying your hard earning money for. Terrible, right?

Imagine being an intelligent nutritional supplement consumer by reading the label prior to buying.  The label says you get 30 grams of whey protein in each scoop. What if you are really only getting 18 grams?  How would you feel? Ripped off? Manipulated?  Not only is your wallet a victim, but perhaps your weight loss, or fitness results too.

Nitrogen Spiking of Protein Powers Is Lying Without Disclosing It

As a result of the ever increasing cost of whey protein, manufacturers are looking for creative ways of generating a larger profit margains. The solution NITROGEN SPIKING! It is simply taking out expensive whey protein, and instead, adding in very inexpensive amino acids such Taurine , Glycine, Glutamine, and even Creatine.  Spiking protein powder with cheap amino acid metabolites will falsely drive up the protein content in a powder. The manufacturers can produce the product cheaper, and you will never know. Are you surprised? How does this make you feel?  Now to make you feel even better. Do you know that 90% of dietary supplement raw materials come from China?  Are you able to walk in the Chinese plant to see if they are using good manufacturer practices? No!

False supplement labeling is not only seen in protein powders, but also bars. Please understand protein bars are even worse by spiking them with very low quality ingredients such as collagen, and gelatin. Both of these substances are not complete amino acids, or the building blocks of dietary protein. Please don’t rely on protein bars to get your quality muscle building protein. I always recommend food first, then quality whey protein shakes if you are not getting close to .8 grams per pound of body weight.

What  You Should Do To Protect Yourself From Nitrogen Spiking of Protein Powder

1.  Don’t overly depend on protein powders, if possible, to get your protein. Eat protein rich foods at every meal, and snack.

2. Don’t purchase the cheapest whey protein on the market.  The cheaper the protein supplement the greater chance it is nitrogen spiked; and you are not getting the quantity stated.

3.  Read, and understand the labels! Look at the ingredients, and amino acid profile on the label.  If they don’t list them, then think twice about the purchase.

4.  Avoid protein powders which are mixed with, or have added Creatine, Taurine, Glutamine, and Glycine.

5.  Make sure 25 grams of whey protein has 2.8 grams of Leucine (to ignite muscle protein synthesis).

6.  I highly recommend whey protein concentrate because of the high level of Leucine, and other growth and immune factors.

7.  You can check the ratings of your protein powder on

The intent of this article is to make you aware of what some unethical supplement companies are going in order to generate higher profit margins.  By being aware, and then educated, you can protect yourself as an intelligent consumer. Perhaps the more we share this information with the general public the greater chance of stopping these unethical companies.  When purchasing your next batch of protein powder make sure you follow the seven points listed above. You will not only protect your money, but also your overall results.

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