The Fat Loss Equation Can Fool You

Don't Let The Fat Loss Equation Sabotage Your Results

Please don't let the fat loss equation fool you into getting subpar weight loss results.

Click the arrow in the player box above to start the short video as Coach Jim explains how easily the fat loss equation can sabotage your good intentioned effort.

Science tells us that 3500 calories equals one pound of fat. Therefore, if you expend 3500 additional calories than your body needs to maintain its weight you will lose one pound of fat. So if you decrease your calories by 500 per day for seven days that equals 3500 calories leading to one pound of fat loss. Fast forward ten weeks. Therefore, keeping that 500 calorie deficit each day for ten weeks will result in 10 pounds of fat loss over ten weeks. Not so fast! The fat loss calorie equation is not linear.

Watch the video above for an explanation as to how the fat loss equation can trick you. Coach Jim explains.  This is important information you must know as you embark on your fat loss body transformation journey.

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