Tirzepatide Weight Loss Drug Results

What You Need To Know About The New Weight Loss Drug Tirzepatide

When it comes to weight loss science we are starting to see great breakthroughs. Eli Lilly is set to launch a new medication in 2023 called Tirzepatide.

Tirzepatide weight loss drug results showed tremendous promise in the Eli Lilly study which can serve as a potential solution for individuals whose excess weight is causing them health challenges.

How does Tirzepatide help a person lose weight? First off, the medication will suppress a person's hunger hormone. Secondly, it changes how the body metabolizes sugar and fat.

There is a similar medication called Semaglutide which was designed for diabetes control that works almost as well as Trizepatide. Semaglutide weight loss drug was covered in an early post in which I explain the results may not last.

Tirzepatide Weight Loss Drug Clinical Trial Results

Tirzepatide weight loss drug

Tirzepatide weight loss drug

In the 72-week clinical trial of 2,539 individuals, 22.5% of body weight (on average) was lost. Therefore, on average, 52 lbs. of weight loss was enjoyed by the participants.

The outstanding results were very close to what is witnessed in bariatric surgery! Things look extremely promising for the Trizepatide weight loss drug.

Does Tirzepatide Weight Loss Drug have side effects?

One of the rather common side effects of Trizepatide is gastrointestinal distress. This can lead to challenges for some individuals.

Another side effect, which is not medical, is its cost. Trizepatide weight loss drug will cost a person between $1,100 - $2000 per month. The reason why it's so expensive is that it's not covered by medical insurance. Unfortunately, the medical industry does not consider obesity or being overweight a covered medical condition.

The Trizepatide weight loss drug results seen in the Eli Lilly clinical trial look very promising for individuals suffering from the inability to lose weight to restore optimal health.

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