Weight Loss For Women Over 40

weight loss for women over 40

Being well over 40 myself, I get it! You wake up one morning, pull out a pair of your favorite jeans; and they are too damn tight. What a horrible feeling! That feeling absolutely wrecks the entire day, and maybe even week. Instant bad mood! After sorting though your frustrated emotions it’s diet time. You are not happy, and determined to get your 20’s or 3o’s body back ASAP. Weight loss for women over 40 can be a bit tricky. The extra weight seemed to creep up so quickly without really seeing it coming.

Why did this happen to you? What’s the best way to handle it quickly? These are two of the biggest questions racing though the minds of women over 40. First off, life happened! You are juggling too many responsibilities which includes career, family, and friends. Having too much on your plate is a major distraction from focusing on YOU – consistent proper nutrition, and exercise. Being pressed for time is always a big barrier. Then add in the fat friendly food environment of today’s society with your hormonal changes.  This equals a recipe for why your favorite skinny jeans just won’t fit anymore. Yikes!

Physiological Changes For Women Start After 40

Human beings physiologically change over time. We age. Now I’m not saying 40 is old. It’s not! You are in your prime, but things can begin changing for some ladies physiologically over age 40. As a result of lifestyle, and not so great eating habits for many years, you can begin losing valuable calorie burning muscle tissue; that is, if you don’t strength train on a regular basis. Depending up your specific genetics you can become a much less efficient carbohydrate metabolizer. That means your body doesn’t handle sugar as well as it used to leading to higher blood sugar levels, and potential weight gain. Things change! It is important to accept this, and do exactly what works to combat it as much as possible to achieve an optimal life.

Understanding Best Weight Loss for Women over 40

Ok. You have accepted that physiological change for women is eventually inevitable.  Now the good news! You can lose fat over 40, and actually keep it off forever. It is just going to take a bit more awareness, and effort. First off,  let’s not make this too complicated. Understanding the energy balance formula is important for losing fat for women over 40. You must be burning off more energy than you are taking in for effective fat loss to occur. If your energy balance is the same, then you will not lose one single pound of fat. It is important to know this.

Does losing weight mean you have to exercise your day away? No. That is not the most effective way to lose fat over 40. However, you must seek a caloric deficit mindset consistently, day after day, until you reach your desired goal. Simple, but not easy. Yes, it will take some planning, and effort; but you are worth it! Aren’t you? This doesn’t mean starvation, and deprivation. No! It means being aware of making better food, and lifestyle choices consistently. There are no quick fix magic diets that will help keep your weight off forever.

3 Big Things To Do for Fat Loss for Women Over 40

  1. Strength Training is a must!  If weight loss for women over 40 is your goal, then you must incorporate consistent strength training into your life. This will only be an hour long investment each week. While in a caloric deficient from making good food choices you need to strength train in order to maintain calorie burning lean tissue (muscle) throughout the process. This will help not only shape your body, but also maintain valuable bone strength heading into menopause, and beyond. Don’t forget to challenge your muscles! Women generally make this simple mistake. Strength training is not walking. It is using any type of resistance for your muscles in which you can only do between 8-12 repetitions.
  2. Pick a nutritional plan for adherence. All calorie restriction diets work temporarily because it tricks us into eating less (caloric deficit). The big question to ask yourself is can you stick with it for the long haul.  Pick a plan which you are confident you can comfortably follow for 6 months to 1 year if you have to. It may be ketogenic, low carb, low fat, low sugar. Whatever works for you personally is the one to follow. There is no magic here.
  3. Eat protein and fiber at every meal.  There are two main reasons to do this. First, eating protein will help you maintain your calorie burning muscle while in a deficit. Secondly, protein, and fiber will keep you full longer so you will automatically eat fewer calories over the course of a day. This leads to long term weight loss.

Begin with these powerful weight loss for women over 40 tips! Yes, you can do it! It is possible, and going to happen if implement the correct strategy. For more tips, and a detailed explanation please refer to the 100% FREE REPORT below – Fat Loss Forever – The Top 7 Ways to Prime Your Brain for Permanent Fat Loss.

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