Why Should You Eat Protein To Lose Weight?

 Eat More Protein To Lose Weight?

Protein for weight loss is all the talk these days. Many people hear that they should eat more protein to lose weight. However, the fact is most individuals have no idea the real reasons why.

In the video above, I look at four reasons why eating protein helps with weight loss and also reveal a new scientific fat loss study to back one of these specific reasons.

Before you start increasing your protein consumption it is important to know exactly why should you eat protein to lose weight.

During the video, I share new scientific information about protein leverage hypothesis which suggests obesity is tied to how much protein we consume each day. In summary, the more protein eaten early in the day, the less highly processed, refined foods with less calories are eaten the rest of the day to seek the body's inherent protein needs. This leads to people not gaining weight compared to individuals who ate very little protein throughout the day. Protein quantity is a key to weight loss as stated in the paper any may be responsible for an increase in gaining weight.

Why Should You Eat Protein To Lose Weight?

why should you eat protein to lose weight?

Why should you eat protein to lose weight?

Here are 4 reasons why eating protein is important for weight loss:

  1. The more protein eaten the less hyper palatable, ultra processed foods you will seek because your body will have satisfied it's optimal protein requirement.
  2. Eating protein has a higher thermic effect. What this means is it takes more calories to break down and assimilate a gram of protein versus a gram of fat or carbohydrates.
  3. Eating protein for weight loss will keep you full longer; thus, automatically reducing calories throughout the day.
  4. Protein helps maintain or even increase muscle while in a caloric deficit. Eating the proper amount of quality protein will help the muscle building process as a result of strength training.

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