Green Mediterranean Diet Plan Decreases Visceral Fat

New Study Shows The Green Mediterranean Diet Plan Decreases Visceral Fat by 14%

A recent study was conducted comparing visceral fat loss from the Green Mediterranean Diet Plan versus the regular Mediterranean Diet and a traditional healthy diet approach.

As described in the video above, the Green Mediterranean Diet Plan study wanted to see which dietary approach followed for 18 months will decrease the most visceral fat. Of course, visceral fat is something a person doesn't want because it can negatively influence health. Excess adipose buildup around your internal organs can be detrimental to health.

Watch the video above now as I reveal the reasons why researchers feel the Green Mediterranean Diet Plan is advantageous when it comes to visceral fat loss compared to other popular dietary approaches.

The main foods eaten in the Mediterranean Diet are considered anti-inflammatory as well as anti-oxidant rich. According to research, this formula seems to translate into improved health outcomes.

In the video above you will discover :

Green Mediterranean Diet Plan

Green Mediterranean Diet Plan

  1. How the Green Mediterranean Diet compares to the regular Mediterranean Diet.
  2. Which dietary approach decreased visceral fat the most.
  3. What is the Green Mediterranean Diet Plan?
  4. What are polyphenol?
  5. Which foods have the most polyphenols?
  6. Why the Mediterranean Diet may or may not be right for you?

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