Low Carb Diet Weight Loss Results

When it comes to fat loss is a low carb/high fat diet superior to a high carb/low fat approach? You just might be surprised after clicking the video! Watch now!

Low carb, or ketogenic is all the rage these days. Many weight loss enthusiasts feel that carbohydrates are poison for losing weight. Stay away from carbs is what people hear, and read almost daily. What does the science say? Should you really stay away from carbs? Watch the video above by clicking the start button! You will get your evidence based answer in the two minute video above.

Low Carb/High Fat vs. High Carb/Low Fat

Which dietary approach is better? It is important to be empowered with the correct scientific based information in order to make sure your approach is the best for the time invested. I’ve got you covered! Click the 2 minute informative video above to discover what the evidence really says about low carb/high fat vs. high carb/low fat. It just may be a surprise!

The Top 7 Ways To Prime Your Brain For Permanent Fat Loss

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