Quickest Way To Lose Weight

If you are taking the time to read this page, then you are exactly like two-thirds of the population seeking the quickest way to lose weight. Most weight loss seekers are absolutely confused as to what works, and what doesn’t. Isn’t there in the neighborhood of 50 plus different diet plans? Unfortunately, what generally occurs when an individual picks a particular diet plan is they select one that is a fad that really doesn’t work for them personally, or won’t work long term. This means giving up, resulting in another failed fat loss attempt.

The video above, and article is here to finally lead you in the correct direction so you will, once and for all, succeed in losing your unwanted weight. The truth at this time, backed by current scientific data, will be shared leading to your overall success.

In the video above I quickly dispel one of the most common misleading myths that exercise is the best way to melt away fat fast. Exercise is beneficial, but not for the quickest way to lose weight. Studies have shown exercise is more effective at keeping weight loss off, not helping lose fat initially.

Fast Weight Loss and Keeping It Off

quickest way to lose weight

Please understand that fast weight loss, and keeping it off can be counter productive. Sure, I can suggest a weight loss plan that helps you strip fat off fast; but you will have a difficult time adhering to it. Therefore, studies show once you are sick and tired of following an extreme fat loss plan, then you will simply gain it all back. Sorry! You won’t keep any weight loss off permanently!

The Ketogenic Diet, and any meal replacement plan, which depends upon eating their specific pre-packaged foods, will work quickly because you are being controlled by eating only their food, which leaves you in a consistent caloric deficit. Once you stop eating their foods, or begin eating carbs, guess what? You will gain it all back, and usually then some. The moral of the story is the fastest way to lose fat is not the most effective long term method because you will most likely gain it all back again. Who wants that?

So What’s The Quickest Way to Lose Weight and Keep It Off?

It’s about following sound scientific principles consistently which develops into lasting habits. The weight loss plan, you personally can adhere to long-term forming new habits, is the fastest way to lose fat, and keep it off. These plans all start will four common core success principles.

4 Core Principles of Fat Loss Plans That Work Long Term

  1. Lots of options. Flexibility of foods eaten.
  2. Portion control.
  3. Low sugar consumption.
  4. Avoiding processed foods.

It’s that simple! The best weight loss programs all follow these four common core principles. Make sure your selected plan has each of these incorporated into its framework.

Always Attack Weight Loss From The Brain First

Selecting a weight reduction plan that focuses on the 4 core principles above is a good start. However, in addition to the principles, for long term success, you must target the real root cause, or controller of fat regulation – THE BRAIN. If you are not targeting your brain first to work in alignment with the principals, then you are firing on only 2 cylinders. Results will be hard to come by, and generally not long term.

Here is how to train your brain for permanent weight loss. This is valuable, yet rarely understood or shared by the general public.

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