How Much Protein?

All you hear about today is increasing protein, and decreasing carbs in order to lose fat. Most people won’t tell you why. What Proteinabout how much protein should you consume? When should you consume it? At what frequency? In the video below I answer all these questions, and more all while considering the scientific evidence at the present time. You need to know this!

Watch the video below, right now, in order to follow an evidence based approach to your nutrition, weight loss, and fitness plan.

If your goal is also to maintain, or even increase your metabolically active muscle, then this is a must watch video. Plug your weight into the formula to determine how much protein you really need to consume in order to maximize muscle protein synthesis. Why not give your self an advantage when it comes to fat loss, and muscle preservation.

Watch the video to discover:

1) Exactly how much protein you should be consuming for fat loss, and muscle preservation. Plug your numbers in the formula.

2) Why people are encouraging you to increase PROTEIN.

3) How many times a day should you eat protein.

4) When (TIMING) of each protein feeding.

5) How you can get the Top 20 Fat Loss Fitness Myths That Destroy Results for 100% FREE.

How Much Protein Should You Be Eating For Fat Loss/Muscle Preservation?

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  1. Coach Jim on April 27, 2015 at 11:44 am

    In order to make it easier for those who don’t deal with (kg) the window would be .68 – 1g/lb of bodyweight. That is for an individual who is strength training (which you should on a fat loss program.)

    For those that are sedentary (I DON’T RECOMMEND) .36g/lb of bodyweight.